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  Saba gas safety Team
Daily work site health and safety plan

The health and safety of Saba gas Members and team leaders is the first priority of the Saba gas Safety team(SDST) team leaders are responsibility for the day to day safety of their teams and foe maintaining a safe working environment.
1) Prior to departing from the housing site each day, the TL will inspect and verify that each CM has the following personal protective equipment (PPE) either on their person or available in the van:
*Hard hat
*Eye protection –safety glasses and /or goggles
*Hearing protection-ear plugs and /or ear muffs
*Work gloves
*Steel-toe work boots
*Coveralls and or Tyvek protective suite
These items must be in serviceable condition. Corps Members without appropriate PPE for the work site will not be permitted on the worksite. The TL will complete a daily log of PPE for each member.

2) Worksite inspection, the TL will perform a per-work evaluation the worksite to identify safety hazard (mold, trip hazard, structural stability, asbestos-containing material, hazardous chemicals, electrical, weather concerns etc)

3) Safety briefing. The team leader will conduct a safety briefing to the team to communicate safety hazards to the teams. During this briefing, the TL will determine the level of PPE for the worksite, identify hazards the team may encounter, and define stop working conditions,(asbestos containing materials, chemicals, extreme mold, unsafe structures) the team leader will review emergency action plans for the day with the team. Tailgate meetings will occur at the end of each workday, and included in that meeting will be report out on safety issues or concerns that member have.

4) Minimum PPE. At minimum, all crop members will wear hard hat, eye protection, work gloves, long pants, long-sleeved shirts and steel-toe boots during construction, demolition and mucking out operation. In addition respiratory
Protection and coveralls or Tyvek protective suites are required for all mucking out operations. If coveralls are used, they must be laundered following each use.

5) PPE Enforcement. During the work day, the team leader will monitor corps members and ensure that all members are wearing appropriate PPE for the worksite. Any member not wearing PPE as required will be corrected on the spot. Members refusing to wear PPE or requiring constant reminders will be removed from the worksite.
6) Hydration and Heat Stress. The team leader will ensure that all corps members remain well hydrated. Team leader will ensure that members have ready access to potable water and will institute regular break schedules for hydration.
As temperatures and humidity levels increase, the team leader will enforce more frequent rest breaks.
The team leader will ensure that corps members have access to an air-conditioned recovery area such as van. Any Corps member showing signs of heat injury will be removed from the worksite and taken to the recovery area. When temperatures and /or heat index exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit, the team leader will evaluate the condition of corps
Members more frequently to determine if it is safe to continue work,

7) Sanitary Facilities. The team leader will ensure that all corps member have access to sanitary facilities and appropriate hand sanitation. if not available at the worksite the team leader will identify the nearest facility and ensure that corps members have transportation and access to that facilities. The team leader will ensure that bottled and sanitizer is available to all members on site.

8) Emergency Action plan. The team leader will establish an emergency action plane for each worksite. This plan will ensure that all corps members are briefed on the location of the nearest medical facility and work how to reach it. Team leaders will ensure that they have emergency communication capability (cell phone) at all times so that they can alert emergency medical services (EMS). Team leader will ensure that all members of the team know where they are working and are able to direct EMS to the worksite if needed. The TL will brief the team on the GURT Hurricane evacuation plan and ensure that a copy of that plan is in the team passenger and cargo vehicles at all times.

9) Too condition. The team leader will ensure that safety equipment tools and machinery are in good working order and in good state of repair. all tools and equipments used by the team will be inspected on a daily basis. Unsafe equipment will be reported and not used until repaired. This includes equipment borrowed from other entities


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